The Consortium has adopted the C-PAT “Candidate Physical Ability Test” as endorsed by the IAFF and IAFC. This form of physical abilities testing stresses a balance of flexibility, cardiopulmonary endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance.

Listed Below are the eight stations that are part of the CPAT physical agility test. The full test (all 8 events in a row) has a maximum time of 10 minutes, 20 seconds to be completed.

The IAFF/IAFC has put together a preparation guide for candidates to help prepare them for taking the CPAT. It talked about the importance of warm-ups, exercises for flexibility, an aerobic training program and an interval training program.  It is designed to be started 8-10 weeks before taking the CPAT, but would be beneficial if started earlier. Click here to download the CPAT Preparation Guide now and start preparing for taking a CPAT test.